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Startup School 2010

October 20, 2010

I went to Startup School last Saturday which was hosted by Y-Combinator and BASES as they happen to be at Stanford. It was by far the best event I’ve ever attended so far with so many great speakers and attendees. I literally had the best seat in the house (front row, dead center) and that […]

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Sneak Peak at BuzzBlaze…

October 2, 2010

As you may know, I’m currently working on launching a social news aggregation website called BuzzBlaze that’s going to change the way we think of RSS feeds. We’re *very* close to finishing the final prototype. So in the mean time, here’s a sneak peak…

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3 Necessities For Startup Success – Marc Andreessen

September 21, 2010

Marc Andreessen recently gave a presentation at Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Ventures program (I’ll definitely have to check that out when I get there :)). Marc is somebody I truly look up to and who I consider a legend in Silicon Valley, having started, not one, but, TWO billion dollar companies. So when he speaks, it’s worth […]

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256 Must-Read Content For All Tech Entrepreneurs

September 7, 2010

Over the past few months, I have been reading a lot of articles and gathering tons of information about tech startups as I set to launch my first one this fall. I’ve saved many of my favorites and, rather than keeping them to myself, I decided to share my bookmarks to the public. The list […]

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The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki

August 31, 2010

Every once in a while, you come across a presentation that just blows you away – this speech given by Guy Kawasaki on “The Art of the Start” is one of them. It’s not the usual same-old business advice. Instead, Guy cuts through all the B.S. and smashes apart all conventional and corporate ways of […]

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Should Young Entrepreneurs Go To College?

August 17, 2010
Should Young Entrepreneurs Go To College?

“Top 10 Billionaires Who Dropped Out of College…” – I’m sure you have come across those kind of lists before, whether you read about it on some blog or in the media, convincing you that you don’t need a college degree to become a successful entrepreneur. Sure, there are some who succeeded without having attended […]

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Tech Startups vs Rock Bands

August 3, 2010

Via Shane Snow So the difference between a tech startup and a rock band is not as different as you think… The idea of entrepreneurship is applicable to more than just business or making money. It really applies to all ventures and projects where you take a risk, assemble a team, come up with something […]

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